My Visit to Montrouis Haiti

by admin | May 28th, 2010

I recently returned from Haiti.  One of the places I visited was a Beach Town that is two hours from the Capital of Port Au Prince, near Saint Marc. Check out my video of Montrouis.

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  1. Nickson Toussaint says:

    Mr. Doebler I am happy that you have made this voyage to Haiti several times. Speaking as a Haitian American it brings me joy to see that you have an interest in my parents’ country. I would add that although you capture many views of Haiti that perhaps you could try to use skills in journaling to report the good and flourishing part of Haiti. It is partly due to the label “Poorest country in the Western Hemisphere” that we see Haiti’s tourism sector as underdeveloped as you’ve seen. I noticed on your video that there was a caption stating “This is the reality of what SOME of Haiti looks like” while children walked around in a trash filled river. You are a right about that entirely, only SOME of Haiti looks like that. Mr. Doebler I am a proud American born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I eat Nathan’s Hot Dogs and grew up with Coney Island as a backdrop to my neighborhood. It bothers me to see what organized media has done either knowingly or inadvertedly to our brothers in Haiti (I say our because I notice so much of the good works you want to be apart of). Still shots of large bellied children with filth all around them will not drive up the much needed tourism in that Caribbean paradise. Pictures of earthquake devastated buildings and closed shops will not encourage the Diaspora to return with love and hope. Sir I would argue that an injustice has been made to this country, which against Western media, cannot fight a fair battle in the depiction of this Island. I have personally visited Mountrouis and the Haitian people there are to be praised for their spirits alone. My father has his home there about 2 miles from that beach area you walked. I was married to my wife, also from New York City, near those same waters this past August 2011. That same “former Club Med” hosted our ceremony on beautiful day with the highest quality of service and food that knocked my socks off!!! We were married by Joel and Yvonne Tremble of the Haiti For Christ Ministry. I traveled there with 20 friends and family some Haitians who have never been to Haiti before. They were astonished because this is not what they have seen or read either on TV or the internet in the past. Its those little details that matter which I feel is our responsibility to be careful of because in actuality that Club Med is now known as Club Indigo and employs over 150 Haitians in that community and serves about 600-800 guest every weekend. Haiti is going through a revival. I make this request of you, stop the use of the term “Poorest country in the Western Hemisphere” and shots of children playing in filth. The Haitians do not need pity or even empathy but a radical change in what is promoted of the country. You have a great platform I pray that you continue to do great and mighty works through it- Thank you

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