ShelterBox tents in Haiti put to immediate use

by admin | January 22nd, 2010

ShelterBox tents in Haiti put to immediate use
Injured girl in Bernard Mews hospital, Port au Prince, where ShelterBox tents are being used to treat the large number of injured people.    Photographer: Mark Pearson

ShelterBox tents are being used by hospitals in Port au Prince to provide emergency shelter for post surgery patients in Haiti’s capital.

The first ShelterBoxes to arrive in the country have been immediately utilised by doctors in desperate need of equipment to help treat huge numbers of injured Haitians.

The Response Team in Haiti are facing huge challenges on a daily basis. Large aftershocks were felt first thing this morning Hatian time but the team report they are all ok.

ShelterBox Response Team member Mark Pearson, who has been in Port au Prince since Thursday, said: ‘The first tents are being used by Bernard Mews hospital in Port au Prince. The tents have been immediately put into use by doctors for post surgery patients. 

To read the entire article & learn more about SHELTERBOX, or donate to ShelterBox, click on the link below.

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