Frank McKinney’s Haiti Earthquake Experience

by admin | January 22nd, 2010

By the time we departed Haiti on Sunday evening, 52 search-and-rescue operations with 2,200 operatives had set up camp at the end of the runway at PAP, the Port-au-Prince airport. Thirty-nine countries had mobilized to bring out survivors of the devastating earthquake.
The “dream team” I assembled had arrived three days earlier, anxious to get to work because the survival window for victims still trapped under the rubble was closing. We were the tenth group to sign in with the United Nations, and for the next three days we were embedded deep into the epicenter of the disaster. Our extremely well-qualified team of medical and search-and-rescue personnel (three from Colorado and six from South Florida) not only cut through concrete and steel but also through the red tape and bureaucracy associated with such a massive effort.

We saved four lives and worked with teams from Peru, Nicaragua, Jordan and Spain. Two of the survivors we rescued had been trapped behind crumbled walls and a cadaver in a collapsed building, one had spent 90 hours under the debris, and another had been in surgery when the quake shook the hospital’s foundations and crushed him under its ruins.
While we were there, a total of 43 people were freed, alive, from the wreckage. That means our ragtag team was involved in nearly 10 percent of the total number of rescues during those two days!
I’d like to briefly share with you what happened: who went, who worked with us there, what we did, what we saw, the real truth from the inside. But first I want to tell you what’s next.
Already, support has been tremendous. From financial donations to contributions of time to critical supplies and equipment that were obtained for use in this special mission, we’ve received aid from hundreds of generous individuals and organizations since the quake hit. Anyone who took action, who didn’t just sit and watch and say, “How sad,” has made a meaningful, measurable difference for the Haitian people.
You know who you are, and I want to say thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
 Please visit our donate page:, call Anne at 561.722.3950 to make your donation over the phone, or mail to P.O. Box 388 Boynton Beach, FL 33425.    Also remember, if you purchase any of my bestselling books, all proceeds go to Caring House Project Foundation:
 For more about the Frank McKinney and the Rescue Team click on Frank’s Blog
We’re committed to continuing to draw attention to Haiti in the coming weeks, months and years. When the hype dies down, the people there will still need our help. Now that the world’s eyes have turned to this country, which even before this disaster was the poorest in the western hemisphere, we want to hold that focus for as long as we can. So many people’s lives, and the next generation of Haitians, depend upon it.
As a charity with an ongoing interest in improving living conditions in Haiti, the Caring House Project Foundation will be there for the duration, just as we have been for the past six years, master planning communities, building self-sufficient villages and providing emergency relief.

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