An Upscale Best Western is Rising in Haiti

by admin | December 7th, 2009

Hoteliers lead investment charge in `Haiti of tomorrow’.

Led by hoteliers, Haiti’s private sector is fueling a wave of investment in a country long saddled with a bad rap for business.


PETIONVILLE, Haiti — Within the elegant brick walls of the new hillside Oasis, locals dine on lobster, sip $300-a-bottle Dom Perignon, then relax in a sleek lounge.

Just outside, the skeleton of an exclusive boutique hotel, featuring a rooftop helipad and 300-car garage, dominates the pastel orange landscape.

It could be a scene out of Coral Gables or South Beach. But it’s not.

“I have folks say to me: `You’ll never think you are in Haiti,’ ” said Jerry Tardieu, 42, the visionary behind the Oasis in this Port-au-Prince suburb. “I tell them, `It is Haiti. It’s the Haiti of tomorrow.’ ”

To read the rest of the story, click on the Miami Herald article about Haiti here.

There is Hope for Haiti

2 Responses to “An Upscale Best Western is Rising in Haiti”

  1. I hope Haiti will develop soon. It’s unfair/wrong/inhumane to have all those people living in such conditions. I bet those upscale resorts are all American-owned, and in no way contrubiting to the economy of Haiti.

  2. Keean Trent says:

    some of my friends who work in haiti were also victimized by that terrible earthquake.- i was very thankful that they only suffered minor scratches.

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